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What is the difference between DB2/400 and LAN Access inStores and inTuates?

When an inStore is defined, it can be specified that the inStore is either going to be designed to be accessed from a LAN or accessed directly from DB2/400. This can be specified by using the inStore Output Options button on the final dialog of the inStore wizard. 

To generate an inStore for LAN access, simply check the "Prepare inStore contents for LAN access in the following folder" box in the inStore Output Options dialog (shown below). This will cause a CSV file to be generated when the inStore is run and this CSV file will be placed in the iSeries IFS path also specified in the inStore Output Options dialog (note that special value *PRODUCT is the product's default PC folder ISERVER and *USER is the user of job running the inStore). 

PrepP for 29T can then be used to poll the iSeries IFS and automatically transfer inStores to the appropriate LAN location. Note that the LAN location where the CSV output will finally reside must match the LAN location specified in the File Locations tab of the Tools - Options dialog in the inTuator application.

If the "Prepare inStore contents for LAN access in the following folder" box in the inStore Output Options dialog is not checked, then the inStore will be prepared to be directly accessed from DB2/400. The inStore will be a physical file that resides in the product report library on the i-Series.

The ability to prepare LAN access inStores is provided to enable inTuator to generate inTuates that will successfully operate in environments that do not use Client Access. 

It is important to note that if an inStore is created for LAN access then any inTuates that are created based in the inStore should also be defined as LAN access inTuates. Similarly any DB2/400 inStores will only work with inTuates that are defined as DB2/400 inTuates.

To specify the type of inTuate use the inTuate options button on the first dialog of the inTuate wizard.

From the inTuate Options dialog choose either the LAN location or DB2/400 option.

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