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The Discussion Forum is a service that Momentum provides for all inTuator clients.

Access is not restricted, all are welcome and encouraged to actively participate in this forum, whether to seek information, exchange experiences or to comment in general on the product. We will actively monitor the site and participate wherever appropriate.

The inTuator Forum uses a Discussion Hosting Tool - Topica. To access the forum for the first time, you will need to register your details. To register enter your email address under "Unregistered Members / Subscribe" on the right of this page.

When registering you have the option to select various newsletters published by Topica. Once you have registered and joined the list you can access it simply by clicking on the "Registered members" link on top right of this page. 

Within the forum you have the option to select how, when, and where you would like to receive mail from the list. By selecting "Options" you can choose whether to have "Individual Message - Sent by Email", "Message Digests - Sent by Email" or "Using Topica Website Only - No Email"

All clients are welcome to join the inTuator forum. However, in the event that it is necessary, Momentum reserve the right to bar a participant. All users must register before they can access the forum or contribute to it. The inTuator Forum uses a Discussion Hosting Tool - Topica, all contact details are available to Momentum. The use of these contact details is covered by Momentum's privacy statement. Topica do not use this contact information in any way, their privacy statement is displayed on their site www.topica.com. Momentum reserves the right to remove any entries on the forum which are deemed unsuitable.


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Registered Members

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